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myRemix is currently a leader in digital music editing. We provide pre-made and custom music for some of the best Cheer, Pom Dance, and All star teams in the world.

We have been editing music since 1995. Custom edits are what we do best. Let us know how we can help you make the best of your routine music.

***DISCLAIMER*** Many tracks at this website are promotional cheerleading remixes of popular songs. You must own the original songs before obtaining our remixes. We are a music and video editing service. So by purchasing a remix from myRemix.com you are certifying that you own the original song or songs used in the mix.

We can also compile your cheer, dance or pom pictures and footage into your own personal DVD movie.You provide us with the content and we provide the cool music and great effects.

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These remixes retain their original licensing and publishing affiliations. For ASCAP and BMI information, please visit www.ascap.com and www.bmi.com.



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