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The MMC is a way to get new music every month. There will be a new mix available for every member to download for free. Yes for free. Wait it gets better. You also get discount codes for other mixes and services, such as a free custom voice over, free sound effects and buy one get one free codes to purchase premade mixes. Members will also have a say in the upcoming monthly mixes and can give us ideas for future mixes.

Each monthly mix will be available to non members for a fee of $29.00 and up but you will receive a download link every month as long as you stay a member of the club.

The club subscription fee is paid through Paypal and will be billed every month for only $10.00.

This Month's Mix - Shake It Again Mix

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Monthly Mix Club

Purchase A Previous Mix of the Month

Mix Length Price Play Buy
Smash the Club Mix 1:57 $55 Play Buy
All Missy Mix 1:30 $49 Play Buy
Hit Me Military Mix 1:27 $45 Play Buy
Bring The Heat Mix 0:53 $45 Play Buy
My Blank Space Mix 1:25 $49 Play Buy
Turn Up The fireball Mix 2:12 $55 Play Buy
Work My Bass Mix 1:03 $45 Play Buy
Dynamite Love Mix 1:00 $45 Play Buy
Big Time Mini Mix 2:18 $55 Play Buy
Wild Wild Recess Mix 1:25 $55 Play Buy
Talk Fancy To Me Mix 1:20 $55 Play Buy
90's Hip Hop Pom Mix 2:22 $55 Play Buy
Just Let It Go Mix 1:24 $45 Play Buy
All Star Tribute Mix 2:05 $55 Play Buy
Dark Horse Mix 1:33 $55 Play Buy
ACDC All Mixed Up 1:15 $45 Play Buy
Lift You Up Mix 1:05 $45 Play Buy
Roar Together Mix 1:29 $55 Play Buy
Push To Start Mix 0:56 $45 Play Buy
Outta My Mind Mix 1:28 $45 Play Buy
Up The Power Mix 1:27 $45 Play Buy
Back To The Floor Mix 1:50 $55 Play Buy
Turn Up The Love Mix 1:32 $45 Play Buy
My Wings Will Fly Mix 2:00 $55 Play Buy
I will Be Your Bass Mix 1:13 $49 Play Buy
No More Party Mix 1:56 $55 Play Buy
Get Your Hands Up Mix 1:30 $55 Play Buy
Just Imagine Mix 1:31 $55 Play Buy
Unstoppable Dubstep Mix Pt.2 0:45 $45 Play Buy
Unstoppable Dubstep Mix Pt.1 0:45 $45 Play Buy
Rock Mix 2012 1:33 $55 Play Buy
Old School Pom Mix 2:05 $55 Play Buy
I'm Alive Mix 1:01 $45 Play Buy
Tag Your It Mix 1:40 $45 Play Buy
Time To Go Back Mix 1:23 $45 Play Buy
Call Me Maybe Mix 1:30 $45 Play Buy
Just A Rumor Mix 1:01 $45 Play Buy
Starships Fly Mix 2:12 $55 Play Buy
This is Criminal Mix 1:24 $45 Play Buy
Disco Groove Thang 2:19 $55 Play Buy
You Know I'm Sexy Mix 2:13 $55 Play Buy
Gotta Go Higher Mix 1:03 $45 Play Buy
Scary Movie Mix 1:28 $45 Play Buy
Funky Monkey Mix 1:33 $55 Play Buy
Oh Britney Mix 1:01 $45 Play Buy
Catch A Grenade Mix 1:54 $55 Play Buy
Run The world Mix 1:22 $45 Play Buy
Big Hair Mix 1:00 $45 Play Buy
Dance Shake Pop Mix 2:01 $55 Play Buy
Top Of The World Mix 1:35 $45 Play Buy
Year 2000 Mix 2:20 $55 Play Buy
Give Me More Mix 2:03 $55 Play Buy
Go Missy Mix 0:59 $45 Play Buy
Throw It On me Mix 1:58 $45 Play Buy
Cheer Duo Mix 1:33 $45 Play Buy
Inferno Mix 2:30 $55 Play Buy




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